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How Chiropractic Care Helped Me Run a Marathon

On October 7th, 2018, I did something that I thought was impossible for me. I RAN A MARATHON! 

So why did I want to do such a big race? If you knew me before this you would know that I did not consider myself an athlete. I had run a few half-marathons over the last few years (very slowly) and felt like that was difficult enough, but when I came up with the crazy idea of pushing my body and mind even further I decided to go for it. Why? Because I love the challenge of becoming a better version of me. I know that growth comes in discomfort. So what could be more uncomfortable than running a marathon?!?

I knew that chiropractic was going to be a big part of my training.  I may be biased about the greatness Dr. Ben, as he is my husband and business partner, but I can tell you I could not have done this race without his chiropractic care. Here are three reasons why:

1. Chiropractic helps you to heal old injuries- The human body is an amazing thing. When the spine is aligned, pressure is taken off the nerves and many injuries, pain and discomfort can go away naturally.  I tend to have rotation in my hips. This does not bother me regularly, but all weakness are amplified when marathon training. When I got under a care plan to get regularly treated and my hips in stable alignment, my old and lingering IT band issues cleared up considerably. 

2. Chiropractic helps to prevent new injuries- When your hips are in alignment they move smoothly in a figure 8 motion, the knees get an even amount of pressure and injury is avoided. When the spine is mobilized and has a great range of motion from adjustments, the knees are worn evenly, with no undue pressure on just one of them (often the cause of knee injury). With getting adjusted early on in my training I was able to avoid any new injuries and run my best.

3. Getting adjusted helps you to avoid illness- When you get adjusted your immune system is boosted. Natural anti-inflammatory factors are released when you get adjusted. This is why families who get adjusted regularly tend to be sick less often, and if they do get sick, they tend to get better much faster. There was a major cold going around right before my race, with getting adjusted regularly, I believe that this helped me to not be sick for my race. So grateful for this!

Thanks also to these other local businesses that helped me in this adventure:

Fleet Feet Madison- Thank you for the high quality running gear and fantastic tips!

Team Bird Training- I hired Coach Nora Bird to keep me motivated, set my training program and push me. Thanks Nora for pushing me to go faster and gain speed in my training! 

Apple Wellness, Thank you to the great team at Apple wellness for your fantastic education on supplements. The Curamin product really helped in my healing old injuries (this product lowers inflammation) and kept me moving forward!

With the help of all of these amazing professionals, and mass preparation and training on my end, I finished the race 24 minutes faster than i had hoped. The best part was that I felt amazing afterward also! I had now accomplished something that I never would dream was possible for me. I had accomplished MY impossible. 

This makes me think of what else is possible for me, for all of us who have dreams that seem like they may never come true. Consider chiropractic, whether it is a physical endeavor or not, as chiropractic helps you to be healthier and stay out of pain, so that you can focus on what really matters to you.